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“There are at least ten million words of unpublished stuff already on hand here and there, and someday perhaps, a specialist of some kind will run through the stuff, or a little of it, and pick out a few words on the subject of gambling, for instance…in any case, whoever undertakes to mess with my papers has got his work cut out for him."

William Saroyan


Hello Family and Friends,

2023 is coming up on its final turn and we wanted to give everyone a look at this fantastic year! From exhibitions to publishing new materials, we’ve been busy working to bring the life and work of William Saroyan and his remarkable family into the limelight.


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We opened the year with our largest exhibit to date. WILLIAM SAROYAN at the Arion Press Gallery featured more than 20 Saroyan watercolors and sketches, and 11 cases of Saroyan documents and artifacts. In addition, Forever Saroyan put on two events, the first featuring a screening of “The California Boyhood of William Saroyan” and the second an incredible performance by Hasmik Harutyunyan. Forever Saroyan also provided tours to visitors, including two school groups.

The exhibit, curated by Dori Myer and Chris Garcia, was enjoyed by visitors from across North America, and was the largest exhibition dedicated to Saroyan in the 21st century.

Boulder Creek Library

easthuktjpgThe Santa Cruz County Public Library system has a variety of small display spaces in their branches. The Boulder Creek Library graciously allowed us to create a display of books, photos, Playbills, and other memorabilia from Saroyan’s life and work. The exhibit, up from August 1st to 31st, also allowed Archivist Chris Garcia, who had curated the cases, to give a 90-minute talk on Saroyan to a crowd not only from throughout Santa Cruz county, but also Fresno, and a pair of visitors from New York who happened to be in town and massive Saroyan fans!




Our website, ForeverSaroyan.com, has become the base of operations for our work to bring Saroyan back to a world-wide audience. We make materials available in a variety of formats, from podcasts and videos series, to analysis and criticism, to historic archives materials featuring the voice of Saroyan himself. Check the website regularly as we are frequently updating our offerings.

Blog posts

Our Archivist team of Chris Garcia and Dori Myer have been hard at work producing material highlighting Saroyan’s life and works, as well as other members of the Saroyan-Minasian family.

Highlights of the year include an incredible look at the literary feud between William Saroyan and Ernest Hemingway – “Daring Young Men – Saroyan vs. Hemingway,” a look at Saroyan’s 1964 visit to Armenia as captured by Fikret Otyam, and a chapter of uncle Aram Saroyan’s Meet Uncle Aram. Recent posts include a look at the Morrish Hirshfield exhibit at the Cantor Art Center at Stanford, a look at Manuel Tolegian and The Time of Your Life at Saroyan’s Fresno memorial, and Saroyan’s 1939 Broadway debut – My Heart’s in the Highlands.

We continue to find and create more material every day and endeavor to put more of it on our blog for all to enjoy. 


Study Guides

Forever Saroyan has always been working to promote Saroyan’s work to younger audiences and especially students. Several schools use Saroyan texts, including one in Massachusetts which includes “The Hummingbird that Lived through the Winter” on a state-wide reading comprehension test. To support the creation of lesson plans, and provide assistance to students, we’ve begun to create a series of study guides available for several of Saroyan’s most important stories.

We’ve created five study guides so far – 70,000 Assyrians, The Human Comedy, The Hummingbird that Lived through the Winter, The Man with the Heart in the Highlands, and The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse.

We’re proud to report that these have already been referenced hundreds of times by students and teachers in 14 states, Armenia, Israel, the UK, and India.



The William Saroyan Family Anthology

Forever Saroyan has completed a long-running project with The William Saroyan Family Anthology. It features writing from 21 members of the Saroyan-Minasian family, including previously unpublished works from five generations of the family. The anthology includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and features the first publication of Armenak Saroyan’s writing, in both English and his original Armenian.



Forever Saroyan doesn’t exist in a bubble! We’re lucky enough to have a strong network of individuals and organizations that help us form out message and deliver it to our followers!

The Saroyan Foundation has been of incredible assistance over the years, and we’re happy to say that we’re keeping in contact and making sure that they know the direction we’re traveling and make sure we head that way together. 

On September 6th, founder Charles Janigian, and archivists Chris Garcia and Dori Myer, made a visit to Stanford to discuss our projects, both past and future, with Phil Schreur and Roberto Trujillo of Stanford Libraries’ Special Collections department, the holder of the massive William Saroyan Papers collection. This was the first face-to-face meeting with the team at Stanford since 2020. The trio also took the time to meet with Dikran Karagueuzian, director of the Center for the Study of Language and Information Publications at Stanford.



Archivists Chris Garcia and Dori Myer have been getting deeper and deeper into the Saroyan story. This has brought them to several of the most important archives and libraries in the Bay Area.

Chris Garcia’s been working on several topics for future writing. Recent visits to Stanford have included going through letters detailing his time writing as Sirak Goryan, his poetry and music work, and his television writing. On a recent trip to UC Santa Cruz, he focused on writer and artist Kenneth Pachen’s connection to Saroyan. Chris will be looking into UC Berkely’s Saroyan holdings in the coming weeks.

Dori Myer’s recent visit to Standford also featured a dive into the William Saroyan Papers. She observed the letters between Saroyan and his wife, Carol, from the War Years. She’s also been working on transcribing the final diary kept by William Saroyan in the final months of his life.  



Starting in 2020, Archivist Dori Myer created a series of YouTube videos that dug deep into the places detailed in Saroyan’s Places Where I’ve Done Time. Dori took the scripts and put them into book form as The Place of Places. This 200+ page book examines places, people, and themes that helped shape William Saroyan’s story. The book will be available in the first quarter of 2024.

The first five stories Saroyan published appeared in 1928, four of which have not been re-published in the 95 years since. As they pass into the Public Domain on January 1st, 2024, Forever Saroyan will be bringing these back into the public eye, along with commentary about their place in Saroyan’s canon by celebrating the beginning of his most amazing literary career.



Want to help in our mission? There are ways you can become involved!

First, Forever Saroyan is always on the look-out for items to help us illuminate the Saroyan story. We’re specifically looking for any Saroyan artwork, letters, ephemera, recordings or footage. While we’ve amassed an amazing collection of his published materials, we’re always looking for items we’ve missed, including physical copies of his earliest works in The San Franciscan and Boulevardier, textbooks featuring Saroyan stories, and translations. If you have a piece you think might interest us, drop a line to .

We’re also looking for your stories! Ever meet Saroyan? Perhaps you worked on a Saroyan play or film adaptation. Maybe you were a long-time friend of the family and would like to tell your tale! We’re incredibly interested in documenting your stories as a part of bringing the Saroyan-Minasian family epic to light! We would love to be able to put your story down among all the others, either in writing or via audio or video.

“In the time of your life, live—so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life touches."

William Saroyan

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