Inhale & Exhale (1936)


February 19, 1936

Art Credits:

Cover designed by Ernest Reichl

Night sky photograph reproduced courtesy of Mount Wilson Observatory, Pasadena, California. 



UK edition published by Faber & Faber that included 1/2 of the stories in the US edition as Inhale and Exhale, and the rest as The Gay & Melancholy Flux.

First edition - 4,400 copies

Inhale and Exhale002Dedication: To the English Tongue, the American earth, and the Armenian Spirit. 

Selections translated and published in Spanish, German, Japanese, and French.

Includes the stories:

Resurrection of a Life

Five Ripe Pears

The World & the Theatre

Laura, Immortal

The Oranges


The Younger Brother

London, Ah, London

Covers052The Living Multitude

The Gay & Melancholy Flux

Two Days Wasted in Kansas City  

International Harvester

The Bridge

Going Home

A Night of Nothing

The Drinkers

The Horses & the Sea

World Wilderness of Time Lost

The Broken Wheel

The War

The Death of Children

Daily News

Our Friends the Mice

The Symphony


The Barber Whose Uncle Had His Head Bitten Off by a Circus Tiger

Yea & Amen

Solo for Tin Gazoo

Prelude to an American Symphony

How Pleasant to Have Passed Through Buffalo

The Drunkard

My Picture in the Paper

Nine Million Years Ago

Memoirs of a Veteran Actor

A Tipped Hat to the Lamp Post

With a Hey Nonny Nonny

I Can't Put Two & Two Together

Secrets in Alexandria

Hunger Laughing

The Mother

Panorama Unmerciful

The Great Unwritten American Novel

Antranik of Armenia

Six Hundred and Sixty-Six

The lnternatiohal Song of the Machine Gun

Taxi to Laughter & Life Unending

Poem, Story, Novel

The Revolution

Little Miss Universe

Solemn Advice to a Young Man About to Accept Undertaking as a Profession

Two Thousand Four Hundred and Some Odd Dollars for Kindness

An Occurrence at Izzy's

Our Little Brown Brothers the Filipinos

The Japanese Are Coming


At Sundown  

Christians Singing


A Christmas Carol


A Note on Travel

The Dark Sea

Malenka Manon

The Proletarian at the Trap Drum

The Black Tartars

The Egg

The Little Dog Laughed to See Such Sport

Train Going

The Whistle


The Armenian & the Armenian


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Saroyan by Design - Inhale & Exhale


In the Forever Saroyan Collection: 

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, includes original dust jacket, B26

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, signed by Saroyan, includes original dust jacket, B27

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, B28

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, B29

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, includes original dust jacket, B30

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, inscribed to Samuel French Morse, includes original dust jacket, B31

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, inscribed to Dr. Harold E. Fraser, includes original dust jacket, B32

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Random House, inscribed to Ted Lilienthal, includes original dust jacket, B33

Inhale And Exhale, 1976, Books for Libraries, Saroyan's personal copy, includes Saroyan drawing inside back cover, B34

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Faber & Faber, UK, inscribed by Saroyan to Khatchik (Archie) Minasian, includes original dust jacket, B35

Inhale And Exhale, 1936, Faber & Faber, UK, includes original dust jacket, B36

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