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Forever Saroyan, LLC, is proud to release the first piece in a multi-part project dedicated to the writings of Aram Saroyan, uncle of William Saroyan, and a major influence on his life and works.

Aram Saroyan was the youngest child of Lucine Garoghlanian Saroyan, and the brother of Dikran, Takoohi, Parentzem, and Verkine. He immigrated from ancestral Armenia to the United States in 1906 with his mother, sisters, and Takoohi’s children, learning pieces of French for their stopover in Marseilles and English for their final destination. Settling in California, he earned his law degree from the University of Southern California and split his time between the law and fruit distribution in Fresno. Aram was something of a surrogate parent to the fatherless children of his sisters, Takoohi and Parentzem. He was a Fresno icon and became known to all as “Uncle” Aram, though he had four children of his own. He wrote an autobiography, Meet Uncle Aram, in 1970. Forever Saroyan re-printed the book in 2019

Forever Saroyan has acquired a trove of materials related to Uncle Aram, including photographs, letters, ephemera, and original unpublished writings. These writings, dealing not only with Uncle Aram's life but with the family history, were written in his later years, almost entirely after his retirement and relocation to Santa Barbara, California. These rare pieces of familial documentary and personal memoir from a figure who had been a part of several significant events of the 20th century for Armenians in America, and around the world provide a fascinating glimpse into the Armenian experience.

The first piece we are presenting, "Uncle Aram Recalls His Mother and Sisters" looks at Aram's Mother, Luceen (or Lucy), and sisters Takoohi, Verkin (Virginia), and Parentzem (Frances). This piece covers the trip from Bitlis, Armenia, to Constantinople, to Marseilles, to New York, and finally to Fresno, then going into the lives of his mother and sisters after they settle in the Central Valley. Written in 1975, Aram was the last surviving member of his generation and he gives a loving view of the lives of those who passed before him. 

Future releases will include letters, short biographical pieces, and photos that have not been released publically in the decades since their creation!

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