Love's Old Sweet Song (1940)

LovesOldSweetSOng001Original Production - Plymouth Theater from May 2nd to June 8th, 1940. 44 performances. 

Producer - The Theatre Guild in association with Eddie Dowling

Director - Eddie Dowling

Scenic Design  - Watson Barratt 

Music - Paul Bowles


Original Cast - 

Walter Huston - Barnaby Gaul

B 154John Regan - Daniel Hough

Michael Artist - Harry Yearling

Jackie Ayers - Jesse Yearling

Nick Dennis - Mr. Smith

Eleanor Drexler - Mae Yearling

John Economides - Pericles Americanos

Carol Esa - Maud Yearling

Peter Fernandez - Georgie Americanos

Eugene Fitts - Newton Yearling

LovesOldSweetSOng003Howard Freeman - Sheriff

Lloyd Gough - Richard Oliver

May Grimes - Ella Yearling

Barbara Hastings - Velma Yearling

Ardele Hastings - Selma Yearling

Alan Hewitt - David F. Windmore

Thomas Jordan - Al Yearling

Arthur Hunnicut - Cabot Yearling

Jessie Royce Landis - Ann Hamilton

Gerald Matthews - Wilbur Yearling

LOSS2Doro Merande - Leona Yearling 

Beatrice Newport - Elsa Wax

Patsy O'Shea - Lucy Yearling

Angi O. Poulos - Demetrios

Alan Reed - Stylianos Americanos

Eric Roberts - Henry Yearling

LOSSPatricia Roe - Susan Yearling

James S. Elliott - Tom Flora

George Travell - Mr. Harris

Bob White - Lemmie Yearling



Love's Old Sweet Song received initial try-outs in Philadelphia and Baltimore. The original Philadelphia version, where Saroyan had added a third act to fill out the time, had been poorly received by audiences. Saroyan deleted the act from the Baltimore version of the show, which was highly-praised. The New York version that opened featured three acts, and was poorly received. 

 Al Hirschfeld, a friend of Saroyan's, created a drawing of a rehearsal of Love's Old Sweet Song for The New York Times. 


LovesOldSweetSOng 0056

Associated Materials

Collection of Production Documents concerning The Theatre Guild, including contracts, musical agreements, and more. 

 Playgoer: Love's Old Sweet Song, 1940, Forrest Theatre (Philadelphia), Theatre Guild initial road production, TP-23

 Playbill: Love's Old Sweet Song, June 3rd, 1940, Plymouth Theatre (New York), TP-27

 Playbill: Love's Old Sweet Song, May 20th, 1940, Plymouth Theatre (New York), TP-28



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