Peace, It's Wonderful (1939)

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April 17, 1939

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UK edition published by Faber & Faber in 1940

Includes a publisher's note on The Book and The Author. 

A note at the end of the book notes that it was produced wholly under union conditions. 

Dedication: This book is for and against: 

PeaceItsWonderful B81005It is for the unnamed man in the multitude, whether he is scared to death, cowed, gathered into a mob, humiliated, fighting mad, unaware, or indifferent. 

It is against all men who, deliberately or unconsciously, with guilt or in innocence, out of nobility or stupidity, with regret or not with regret, are imposing death on the present world of helpless human beings. 



Includes the stories:

The Greatest Country in the World

The Insurance Salesman, the Peasant, the Rug Merchant, and the Potted Plant

The Year of Heaven

PeaceItsWonderful B81004The Europa


1924 Cadillac for Sale

The Love-Kick


Moral Tales from the Old Country

The Warm, Quiet Valley of Home

A Number of the Poor

The Monumental Arena

Peace, It's Wonderful

PeaceItsWonderful B81006Piano

The Mouse

The Adventures of a Young Man Some Day To Be Another Jack London


At the Chop Suey Joint on Larkin Street at Two Thirty in the Morning


The War in Spain

Comedy Is Where You Die and They Don't Bury You Because You Can Still Walk

Noonday Dark Enfolding Texas

Johnny the Dreamer, Mary the Model at Magnin's and Plato the Democrat

The Best and Worst People and Things of 1938

What We Want Is Love and Money

The Sweet Singer of Omsk

The Same as Twenty Years Ago

The Russian Writer

The Journey and the Dream


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In the Forever Saroyan collection: 

 Peace, It's a Wonderful Thing, 1939, Modern Age Books, inscribed by the author, B80

 Peace, It's a Wonderful Thing, 1939, Modern Age Books, B81

 Peace, It's a Wonderful Thing, 1939, Modern Age Books, Saroyan's own copy, hand-written corrections made to text, B82

 Peace, It's a Wonderful Thing, 1939, Modern Age Books, B83

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