Sam, The Highest Jumper of Them All (1960)

Sam The Highest JumperOriginal Production - Theatre Royal, London, England,  a four-week run beginning April 4th, 1960.  

Set designer - John Bury

Costumes - David Walker

Dance choreographer - Jean Newlove

Music - William Saroyan


Original Cast

Murray Melvin - Sam Hark-Harkalark

Griffith Davies - Ted Owlett

Robert Henderson - Mr. Horniman

Robin Chapman - Poor Man and Psychologist

Claire Isbister - Ann Moon

Jean Conroy - Miss Galway and Social Worker

Rosemary Johnson - Gypsy and Sam's Grandmother

Anthony Booth - Racing Tipster, Bobby, Executed Man, and Worker

Frank Cola - Wally Wailer, Guitar-player, Singer

Michael Forrest - Blind Man, Man with Clock, and Discusser of Gun and Egg-beater

Jan Arnold - Daisy Dimple, Actress

William Sherwood - Father Finnegan, Sam's Grandfather

John Maitland - Inspector Overboard, Scotland Yard

Ori Levy - Captain Datchikvili, USSR

Robert Mill - Ambassador from the Audience to The Play



Rehearsals for Sam, The Highest Jumper of Them All began before Saroyan had even completed writing the play. 

Reviews for the play were harsh. United Press International's review opens with "There were times when I felt that I was slowly drowning in a tub of golden syrup." 

Variety referred to the play as a "inconsequential muddle."

The play has rarely been revived, notably by the New Theatre in Sydney, Australia, in 1968. 

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