Something About A Soldier (1940)

Something About A Soldier001Original Production - Premiered at Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, Pennsylvania, September 2nd, 1940. 

Producer - 

Director - Jose Ferrer

Settings - John Koenig


Original Cast

Crahan Denton - Oscar Penrock

Katherine Emery - Lily

Something About A Soldier007Dickie Van Patten - Moses

Alfred Etcheverry - Cookie Larue

Morton R. Stevens - Mr. Bennagong

Becky Gardiner - Miss Gooserage

Isabella Hoopes - Matron

Robert Emhardt - Father Totter

A.J. Herbert General Mallard

Sayre Belden - Mr. Zakarian

Howard Freeman - Officer Bradley

Something About A Soldier006Thomas Elliott - Rouben Akarian

Carter Blake - Officer Hoot

Fleming Ward - Norman Penrock

Little Girls - Verna Slack, Sally Nimik, Elizabeth Nimik, Polly Gnagy

Little Boys -  Miles Delany, Bobby Hoopes, Stephen Gnagy, Kenneth Jeffries, Paul Jeffries, Kent Dallet

Jack Geer - Radio Technician



The second production of Something About A Soldier took place at the end of September, 1940, at the Theatre Arts Colony in San Francisco, California. 

 Something About a Soldier was never published. 


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In the Forever Saroyan collection: 

Something About a Soldier program, 1940, Theatre Arts Colony, PB010 



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