Subway Circus

SubwayCircus001Original Production - Amato Opera Theater, New York, April 17th, 1952 (with Coming Through the Rye and Opera, Opera as "Saroyan Circus")

Director - Alan James

Composer - Leith Stevens

Original Cast -

Marie Amico

Mary Gordon

Neil Hobgood

Donald Marye

Walter Miller

Subway Circus001Ralph Montileone

Al Pesso

Diane Pesso

Frank Sentry

Lois Spencer

Alice Sopbel

Ross Vaughn

Notes - 

The first play Saroyan wrote. Saroyan had originally intended it to be a part of the collection Three Times Three, but the other members of Conference Press decided it wasn't up to par. 

The play has rarely been performed but was an entry into Frederick, Maryland's Festival of Plays at Thomas Jefferson High School in 1970. Other productions include a TFAT production at the Pioneer Hotel ballroom in 1955, the PCL Studio Theatre in Edmonton in 2016.


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In the Forever Saroyan collection: 

Subway Circus, 1940, Samuel French, B128

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