The Dogs, or The Paris Comedy (1960)


The Dogs or The Paris Comedy010Original Production - In German, Burgtheater, Vienna, February 20th, 1960. 

Translation - Willi Thiem

Director - Rudolf Steinboeck

Set design - Lois Egg

Costumes - Erni Kniepert

Music - Alexander Steinbrecher


Original Cast 

Rose-Adrienne Gessner
Warren Hannaberry-Eric Auer
The Dogs or The Paris Comedy002Calvin Coolidge Hannaberry-Veit Relin
Wendell Wilkie Hannaberry-Ernest Andens
Daisy Hannaberry-Liselotte Schreiner
George Murat-Dufour-Peter
Weck Leloup-Jobannes Schauer



The first two productions of the play were presented in German, having been translated by Willi Thiem. The play has yet to be produced professionally in the English language. 

The Dogs or The Paris Comedy001

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