The Saroyan Special (1948)

The Saroyan Special002Date:

November 29, 1948

Art Credits:

Illustrations by Don Freeman


First edition was of 4,900 copies. There was a second edition 

Translated into German

Dedication: "To the Memory of My Father: ARMENAK SAROYAN, Bitlis, Armenia, 1874 - San Jose, California, 1911"


Myself upon the Earth
Twitter044Seventy Thousand Assyrians
A Curved Line
The Shepard's Daughter
The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze
Five Ripe Pears
The Oranges
Two Days Wasted in Kansas City
Going Home
The Horses and the SeaWorld Wilderness of Time Lost
The Broken Wheel
The War
The Death of Children
The Saroyan Special004The Barber Whose Uncle Had His Head Bitten Off by a Circus Tiger
Antranik of Armenia
Little Miss Universe
Our Little Brown Brothers the Filipinos
The Dark Sea
Malenka Manon
The Proletarian at the Trap Door
The Black Tartars
The Little Dog Laughed to See Such Sport
Train Going
The Whistle
The Armenian and the Armenian
The Man with the Heart in the Highlands
The Beggars
Quarter, Half, Three-Quarter, and Whole Notes
The Living and the Dead
Laughing Sam
The Saroyan Special003The Sunday Zeppelin
Corduroy Pants
The First Day of School
The Man Who Got Fat
The Messenger
My Uncle and The Mexicans
Countrymen, How Do You Like America?
Where I Come from People are Polite
The Trains
One of the Least Famous of the Great Love Affairs of History
The La Salle Hotel in Chicago
Ah Life, Ah Death, Ah Music, Ah France, Ah Everything
The Genius
The Fire 
The Filipino and the Drunkard
The Pemberton and His Boy Trigger
The Insurance Salesman, The Peasant, the Rug Merchant, and the Potted Plant
The Year of Heaven
1924 Cadillac for Sale
The Love Kick
The Warm, Quiet Valley of Home
A Number of the Poor
Peace, It's Wonderful
The Sweet Singer of Omsk
The Russian Writer
The Journey and The Dream
The Tiger
Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart
The Brothers and The Sisters
The Ants
The Great Leapfrog Contest
The Acrobats
Citizens of the Third Grade
A Prayer for the Living
Memories of Paris
The Job
The Vision
We Want a Touchdown
Saroyan's Fables, IX
Saroyan's Fables,XXIV
Dear Baby
The Hummingbird that Lived through Winter
The Stolen Bicycle
The Story of the Young Man and The Mouse
The Struggle of Jim Patros with Death
Sailing Down the Chesapeake
I Know You Good
How It is To Be
The Declaration of War
Highway America
My Home, My Home
The Grapes
My Witness Witnesseth


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In the Forever Saroyan Collection:

Original Concept sketch for The Saroyan Special cover - ca. 1947, Don Freeman, D003-001.

The Saroyan Special, 1948, Harcourt Brace, B274

The Saroyan Special, 1948, Harcourt Brace, inscribed by Saroyan to illustrator Don Freeman, includes original dust jacket, B275

 The Saroyan Special, 1948, Harcourt Brace, inscribed by Saroyan to Martin Gardner, B276

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