The Slaughter of the Innocents (1952)

TheSlaughterOfTheInnocents001Original American Production - February 26-27th, 1957 by the Oklahoma A&M Theatre Guild. 

Producer - Vivia Locke

Director - Vivia Locke

Original Cast 

J.L. Martin

Marilyn Hundley

Martin Cushing

Mary Schuh

Howard Walker

TheSlaughterOfTheInnocents002 webJohn Spessard

John Jacob

Harley Hughes

Roger Enninga

 David Ferguson

Jeffrey Lyon

Emily Lowe

Neil Gabay

slaughterBurress DeBenning

Barbara Bartlett

Carolyn Roepke

Larry Bradfield

Ernest Lopes

Mary Ann Grantham

John Greimer

Tom Abboud

Richard Absher

Carl Phagan

annoutheFreeda Alexander

Charles Ballard

Kay Baum

Roy T. Hoke, Jr. 





Rarely performed, it was first published in the November 1952 issue of the British magazine Theatre Arts. 

Prior to the American premiere in 1957, Saroyan stated the play had been performed in Germany, France, Holland, and Ireland. 

Vanessa Brown, actress best-known for her work on Broadway in plays such as The Seven Year Itch, founded the American Acting Company in 1956, and The Slaughter of the Innocents was to be their first production, but the play was not produced. It would not appear on the West Coast of the US until 2008 when the William Saroyan Festival staged a version in Fresno. 

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