The Whole Voyald and other stories (1956)


November 1, 1956

Art Credits: 

Designed by Thomas Ruzicka


Published in the UK by Faber & Faber in 1957, Differs from the American release by Little Brown.


Includes the stories:

A Writer's Declaration

The Home of the Human Race

WholeVoyald002The Failure of Friends

Love of London

The Proud Poet

The Idea in the Back of My Brother's Head

The Winter Vineyard Workers

The Rescue of the Perishing

The Inventor and the Actress

The Play That Got Away

The Reader of "The World Almanac for 1944"

A Visitor in the Piano Warehouse


WholeVoyald003The Rearward Dog

The Return of the Pomegranate Trees

Sit Down, Won't You?

Aram Saeetyujkfogl

The Sea and the Small Boy

Bill McGee's Brother

Paris and Philadelphia

The Armenian Writers

The Whole Voyald and Heaven Itself


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In the Forever Saroyan Collection: 

The Whole Voyald & other stories, 1956, Faber & Faber, UK, B352

The Whole Voyald & other stories, 1956, Faber & Faber, UK, B350

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