The William Saroyan Family Anthology

anthologycoverThe Saroyan-Minasian family is full of remarkable writers. The William Saroyan Family Anthology collects more than 70 pieces written by five generations of the family. Included are pieces reprinted from iconic magazines like The Armenian Review, Ararat, Harvest and Family Circle. This anthology includes previously unpublished work by William Saroyan, as well as poetry by his father Armenak Saroyan, published for the first time, in both English and the original Armenian. 


Armenak Saroyan (1874 – 1911)

Poems:  My Pen

             All Alone


Aram Saroyan (1892 – 1986)

              Untold Events of My Life


William Saroyan (1908 – 1981)

Mock Trials, Mystic Games, Cookery,            and Nicknames:

A Short Story

My Mind


A Tribute to His Uncle


Art Manoogian (1908 – 2001)

The Cow and Me

Country Sketches


Archie Minasian (1913 – 1985)

Poems: The Empty Street

Aware of Autumn

Leave the Dead

Life Begins at Thirty-Five

Rule 449

Beyond the Gage

The Inner Joys

The Awakening

Farewell to Willie

Remembering Willie

Unto Myself

January Sea

The Uncertain Plunge

Professor Persone and the Music Lovers


Kirk Minasian (1914-1995)

The Woodsman

Taya Mama's Roast


Laura Claus Michaelian (1922 – 2013)

Lars and Amanda

Memories of My Father



Kathryn Manoogian (1933 – 2006)

Everyone's Gotta Die Sometime


The Perfect Match

Sweet Red Onions


Aram Saroyan

For Tom Clark


Homage to Archie Minasian


 Charles J. Janigian

Poems: Bread



In Night's Light

What is Wrong?

Journey Around the Camel Hairs


 Lucy Saroyan (1946 – 2003)

Small Talk What Parents Don't

Listen to Their Teenagers

Old Posey


Hank Saroyan (1947—2022)

Introduction to Saroyan - His Heart in the Highlands


Bruce Janigian

From Persona Non Grata (Writing as Avery Mann)

Chapter 1

Chapter 23


Roxanne Hyden

Andy's Mess


Adam Bagdasarian

The Armenian Religion

The Smoker


William Michaelian

A Lesson to Remember

Poems: My Grandfather. 1985

My Grandmother. 1974


Michelle Marie Janigian

Poems: The Future

The Death of Love

I Ching in Autumn

Gold's Nostalgia

Wind Blows Fierce

Haiku: Spring

Morning Light




Mountain Hike



Ancient Tomes

Turquoise Sea

High Country

Winter Sleep


Twilight Walk

I Want Smores

Monarch Rhapsody

Memories of Santa Fe

The Riddle of Old Port

In Dreams, We Are Together

My Teardrops are Blue

Moogie Sleeps

Evening Chorus

Song of Spring


Strawberry Saroyan

   Strawberry Is


Nicole Simonian

   Easter Poem


Alexander Simonian

    Powers of Blue


 Ashley Simonian

Spoken When She Heard her Uncle Peter was in Heaven

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